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Te Ara Tāwhaiwhai

By Māori for Māori

 A 3-day, 2-night professional development programme for Māori, designed to help you grow your cultural confidence while strengthening your connection to Te Ao Māori in a safe and empowering space. 

16th-18th October 2024

3 days, 2 nights

Te Rau Karamū Marae

Wellington - Te Whanganui-a-Tara

Limited to 35 people

$2,400 excl. per person

3 days facilitation, resources, all kai, marae accomodation.

Fluency in te reo Māori

is not a prerequisite

Riki Consultancy Whānau

Facilitated by Riki Consultancy

"In our experience Māori within organisations are often offered cultural capability professional development programmes primarily designed for non-Maori.  Having already supported 150+ people through our Te Ara Tāwhaiwhai programme, we know that there are simply things you can only share and achieve with other Māori in the room. 

Te Ara Tāwhaiwhai creates a safe and empowering space where we can open up, cry, laugh and grow with others who have similar stories and experiences, truly supporting the strengthening of your cultural confidence and the re-indigenisation of our people."  

“The best PD I have been part of. 
I felt uplifted, I felt connected and I felt safe. Mostly I felt the reigniting of my Māoritanga and the wairua of my tūpuna.”

Kaupapa Includes

What you'll walk away with

Ta Ara Tāwhaiwhai cohort Masterton 2023

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Spaces are limited to 35 people. 

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Te Ara Tāwhaiwhai cohort Nov 2023 - Masterton

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How will this development opportunity relate to the work I do?

It will empower you with strategies to incorporate culturally empowering practices into your work. Help you navigate things such as bias, racism, as well as feel confident to be able to support people in these kauapapa. The insights gained from this course will enrich your professional development and contribute to your overall effectiveness in your role.

Do you have to be Māori to attend?

Yes. Sometimes Māori just need the space to share their common experiences in an environment where they feel safe. We do have an awesome kaupapa for non-Māori called Haumi E coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

I don’t know anything about my Māori heritage - is this course still for me?

Yes - absolutely .This course is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all Māori, whether just beginning or already having a deep understanding of your heritage.  You'll have the opportunity to learn about your culture, language, and traditions in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Does the cost include a koha for the marae?

Am I Māori enough to attend? 

You are Māori enough. Even if you only have one Māori Tipuna (ancestor) – no matter how many generations back, you are Māori.  Our whakapapa is not quantifiable or calculated into a percentage. And again - even if you only have one Māori Tipuna (ancestor) – no matter how many generations back, you are Māori. You are Māori enough.

I'm not a confident speaker of te reo Māori - can I still attend?

Absolutely, there will be varying levels of knowledge among our group with many levels of confidence and competence reo Māori.  The delivery will be predominately in English and in a safe and inclusive learning environment.

What does the cost include?

The cost of $2400 +gst per person includes:

- course facilitation

- resources

- all kai (2x dinners, 3x lunches, 2x breakfast and lots of snacks)

- 2 nights marae accommodation 

We believe this will be the best self-empowerment PLD you ever do. If cost is a barrier, please get in touch to discuss a payment plan.

No it is not included in the cost.

Each attendee will need to to a koha to thank our hosts. 

Can I only attend one day?

The course is designed as a programme that builds upon each days lessons and activities.  Attending all three days ensures you receive a comprehensive understanding of the material and can fully engage.

Can I bring my tamariki?

Unfortunately not, there will be sensitive topics of discussion not appropriate for tamariki. Even if you feel like your tamaiti are ready for all topics of discussion, this may deter others from sharing their perspectives and experiences safetly.

Can I join online or in parts online?

Do I have to stay overnight at the marae?

In our experience the best connection, learning and growth happens during the downtime of a noho marae.  We really encourage you to stay the night to fully immerse in this wairua-cup-filling environment.
Wānanga and learning opportunities begin from early morning and often continue after dinner in the evening so it really is best to stay overnight to take full advantage of this programme. If this is not possible for you, please get in touch with us to discuss alternative arrangements 

This is a fully in-person course designed to provide an immersive learning experience.

Can my whole team attend?

We have a max of 35 people and it will be first in, first served. If you would like to run an exclusive Te Ara Tāwhaiwhai course for your team, please get in touch!

Prefer a different location or date?

Different location

Interested in Te Ara Tāwhaiwhai but the timing or location doesnt work for you? Register your email here and you'll be first to know about our upcoming cohorts. 

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